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2022 Board Meetings and Minutes

Description:Meeting Time:Agenda:Minutes:
November 1st, 20226:00pmNot AvailableMinutes
October 4th, 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes
September 06th, 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes
August 17th, 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes
August 2nd. 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes
July 12th, 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes
July 5th, 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes
June 14th, 20226:00pmNot AvailableMinutes
May 3rd, 20226:00pmNot AvailableMinutes
April 5th, 20226:00pmNot AvailableMinutes
March 14th, 20226:00pmNot AvailableMinutes
March 8th, 20226:00pmNot AvailableMinutes
February 1st, 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes
January 5th, 20226:00pmAgendaMinutes

2021 Board Meetings and Minutes

Description:Meeting Time:Agenda:Minutes:
November 9th, 2021Not AvailableAgendaMinutes
November 2nd, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
October 5th, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
September 7th, 20216:00pmNot AvailableMinutes
August 3rd, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
July 6th, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
June 1st, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
May 3rd, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
April 6th, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
March 2nd, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
February 9th, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
February 2nd, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes
January 5th, 20216:00pmAgendaMinutes

2020 Board Meetings and Minutes

Description:Meeting Time:Agenda:Minutes:
December 22nd, 20206:00pmAgendaMinutes
December 1st, 20206:00pmAgendaMinutes
November 3rd, 20206:00pmAgendaMinutes
October 6th, 20206:00pmAgendaMinutes
June 2nd, 20206:00pmAgendaNot Available
March 3rd, 20206:00pmAgendaMinutes
February 4th, 20206:00pmAgendaMinutes
January 7th, 20206:00pmAgendaMinutes