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The governing body consists of a mayor and a five member city council.  They form both a legislative and administrative body and govern under the authority of the Lawarason Act.  The mayor also serves as town magistrate.  The fire department falls under the jurisdiction of the mayor.  The police chief, as a publicly elected official, manages his own department under the guidelines outlined by the Lawarason Act.


The population of the incorporated area, according to the latest census information, is 1,716.


Gueydan is located in the Coastal South, approximately 25 mile south if Interstate 10 and 40 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico.  The main thoroughfares are state highways 14 and 91.

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The Gulf of Mexico has a profound effect on our climate. In winter, the 60 and 70 degree waters from the gulf heat the air, keeping the temperature at an average 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Winter temperatures bring the air down to the freezing mark two to three times per year. By summer, water temperatures rise into the mid 80’s and hot, humid air dominates at an average 92 degrees. Afternoon downpours can drop 2 or 3 inches of rain in just a few hours. Average accumulation is recorded at 48 inches of rain per year.

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