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Welcome to the town of Gueydan, over a century in the making and a waterfowl paradise.  Our location is a convenient 25 miles south of Interstate 10.

Gueydan is an incorporated community in the northwest section of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana.  The main thoroughfares are state highways 14 and 91.  The population of the incorporated area, according to the latest census information, is 1,716.  The town supports seven churches of the Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, United Church of Christ and United Pentecostal faiths.

The governing body consists of a mayor and a five member city council.  They form both a legislative and administrative body and govern under the authority of the Lawarason Act.  The mayor also serves as town magistrate.  The fire department falls under the jurisdiction of the mayor.  The police chief, as a publicly elected official, manages his own department under the guidelines outlined by the Lawarason Act.

The economic industry affecting Gueydan and the surrounding area stems mainly from farming and oil.  Farming consists almost exclusively of rice and soybeans.  Both of these agricultural crops are harvested in late summer with machinery now capable of reducing the manpower and time spent harvesting by half, from a decade ago.  Directly or indirectly, the oil industry has an impact on the immediate area as well as the state of Louisiana.  It is fair to say that 60-70% of the population in south Louisiana serves the oil industry in one way or another.  Drilling, completion, production, refining and service companies maintain land, inland and offshore platforms.

In the center of the town stands the building which houses our town government, Gueydan City Hall.  Built in 1936, City Hall has seen upgraded improvements to the building.  Two wings have been added, which provide more working space and a drive through payment window.  City Hall sits in Douglas Park, named in honor of the mayor who completed the building.  The park grounds house a newly built gazebo and a modern, fenced playground for children.  The play area is fitted with a soft, padded surface to reduce injury.  To the rear of City Hall is Gueydan’s public library and on the same block stands the Velma Lee Hair Girl Scout Hut.  The entire park is tree shaded with live oaks.  Three blocks north of City Hall is a newly built facility encompassing 10,000 square feet of heated and cooled space.  The Gueydan Civic Center, built in 2000, is situated next to a paved walking park that was recently installed and is designed to provide off-road exercise and enjoyment to the public.

If you’re looking for outdoor activity in the nearby vicinity, hunting, fishing and boating are sports that are easily accessible. Located 5-9 feet above sea level, Gueydan is within immediate docking for fresh water fishing. Saltwater is within a 60 minute drive. Whether pole or boat fishing, the local area provides the means.  Hunting yields every variety of ducks and geese, as Gueydan is located on the Mississippi flyway. The surrounding marshes, as well as privately owned local farmland, all contribute to the sport. Each August, join us at the Gueydan Duck Festival where we celebrate our great hunting heritage.

If you like to quietly observe, birding is a sport of growing interest. Within the city limits of Gueydan, you will find a reprieve from guns. The town, itself, is a bird sanctuary. A number of species, attributed to our area, can be identified in the surrounding vicinity. Herons, egrets, raptors and songbirds either live year-round or make their way through this area at various seasons. For a more complete listing of birds attributed to our area and to see a bird mural attributed to the local bird life, visit the lobby of Gueydan City Hall. Other wildlife that can be seen, and are considered common to our area, are alligators, nutria, turtles, rabbit, deer, muskrats and a mixture of wild dog and coyote, call coy dogs.

Geographically, Gueydan is located in what is referred to as the Coastal South, which for gardening references is Zone 9. Approximately 40 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, this body of water has a profound effect on our climate. In winter, the 60 and 70 degree waters from the gulf heat the air, keeping the temperature at an average 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Winter temperatures bring the air down to the freezing mark two to three times per year. By summer, water temperatures rise into the mid 80’s and hot, humid air dominates at an average 92 degrees. Afternoon downpours can drop 2 or 3 inches of rain in just a few hours. Average accumulation is recorded at 48 inches of rain per year. Rain level is an important factor for farmers and hunters since salt water intrusion affects crop growth as well as natural vegetation, which attract waterfowl.  To check on the status of the water table visit the U.S. Corp of Engineers website when you visit our links page.

Because of our geographic location, Gueydan like the entire coastal region lies susceptible to one of natures’ most widely destructive forces, the hurricane. These powerful storms sometimes yield disastrous results. In order to provide you with more information on hurricane safety, an Emergency Preparedness plan has been posted for you on our website and includes a printable hurricane tracking chart.